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    Talking For Sale: All my Teton movies

    Once upon a time there was a cool dude.....

    Heh, I'll just come to the point. I'm now old, and I cant go extreme kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, anymore. So I'm cleaning out the closets and selling it all. I packed all my movies in one big box and I'm selling it.

    I'm not flaming, just wanted to share my years of collecting to all my extreme friends who who I have known over the years. Thanks.

    Here is the ebay link.

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    I just want bum fights

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    I wish you had posted it here before ebay. But it's a good amount of ski, kayak, and human rights abuse stoke.

    If you wanna do a deal outside of ebay let me know. You could sell bumfights to kokopelli and I'll take the rest.

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