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    thanks for the tips all. turns out I just needed to center the caliper on the rotor. no more rub!

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    turning the pad contact dial all the way inwards also helps with pressing the pistons back and the getting the new pads in there

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    Can't find a Level TL bleed thread, so hijacking this old thread.

    Had a stuck piston in my TL's. Was fucking with it and popped in out. Figured I should learn to bleed them. Bought the bleed kit, youtubed and went for it. Followed first vid I found exactly as presented. Didn't work. No pressure whatsoever. Found another vid, which differed slightly- didn't work. Finally found one that made much more sense to me and it worked- kinda. My brakes at least brake, but there's not enough pressure to stop the bike. I know the answer is there must be air in the system, but I don't see how. I spend a lot of time working the air out and there were no bubbles coming out when I finished. Am I missing something? This seems pretty straight forward.

    (BTW- these brakes suck)

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