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    Japan Rail skiing ostrich Real Media clip

    Currently looping on all the in-train screens...

    Thanks to this goddamn bird, I went to the mountain last weekend after all.

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    Whoa. Gives a whole new meaning to the term Sick Bird.

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    That is so funny...what is even funnier is that I met the guy that did the skiing in that commercial. It was an ad campaign in Japan that was either for a particular mountain or a transportation program out to the mountains. Anyway...he is a friend of a friend named Hamish(I can't remember his last name) who is from New Zealand but now lives in Whistler. He competes on the IFSA world tour and this commercial is how he is paying for his entire season this year. I guess it was filmed last summer, and they dressed him up in a white get-up that was wayyyyyy too warm, then computer generated an ostrich over his body for the actual commercial. So weird to have heard about it and now to see it....
    "You look like you just got schnitzled..."

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