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    TR - Higher Ground Movie Review

    I had to go without dinner to make it to the screening of Higher Ground tonight, so I figured it was worthy of the TR tag. I stumbled out of my door and 2 minutes later I was in the door and only $10 poorer...

    In short, a great film. I enjoyed this a lot more than a lot of climbing films I have seen, If it doesn't win some festival awards I'll be suprised.

    The formula is sort of: "the old guys" (Barry Blanchard, Guy Lacelle, etc) talk about the sport and the new guys (Sean Issac, Andrew Querner...) do some cool shit.

    John Chilton and Lisa Korthals do some big mountain bootpacking and skiing. Johnny talks about how he was "at risk of becoming a climber for a while."

    There's ice, alpine, big wall free climbing, mixed, and some skiing.

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    at first i thought you were talking about the warren miller film...looks like a sweet flick though.

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