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    Cool TR: Emperor Solo Mission - 6/1/2007

    Another Torreys TR...... just wanted to give a quick update about conditions etc.

    I wanted to hit a decent line today with not too much hiking/postholing involved. Unfortunately everybody was busy with work. So I had to head out by myself.

    We did this line last year, so I knew what to expect.

    I was also eyeing Dead Dog if it looked alright, just to mix it up eventually.

    I could drive 2.1 miles up the road before hitting this road block:

    So I had to hike another mile to the Grays Peak summer trail head.
    We got a solid freeze overnight and large parts of the trail (at least at the beginning) are even dry now, so the boot packing all the way to the top of Torreys was quite easy.
    I started at 6:30 and summited at 10.

    Familiar views on the way up:

    Dead Dog:
    (Sorry for the quality, was pretty cloudy right then)

    View from the top towards Grays.
    The clouds moved in and out. But it stayed mostly cloudy today.

    There were a few people I met on the way up who hiked Grays/Torreys and were already on the way down. But on the summit I was totally by myself. I lounged around there for 45 minutes.

    I was considering going down the Dead Dog and working my way over to Kelso. But there was quite some debris in there from slides and other skiers on days before. Since the sun did not really come out it never softened up. Therefore I decided to hit up the Emperor. Changes that this line was filled in with a little bit powder from a few days ago were better. It usually does not get skied as much as the DD and can be smoother. It is also quite a bit longer.

    Looking down Emperor from the top:

    After the first few turns:

    Looking up about half way down:

    Looking up almost from the bottom:

    The top part was still really hard and crusty. But every once in a while you could find nice pockets of wind blown powder.
    About one third down the snow started to soften up and quite a few nice turns were had.
    Bottom part was nice corn to slush.

    The line:

    This line really rewards you with some nice vertical.
    There are not too many places close to Denver where you can get over 3,400 vert in one descent. Nice sustained steep, but interestingly not just a straight shot.
    Too bad that the whole thing was already over after 20 minutes.

    Then another 1:30h hike back to the car was in order. For a total car-to-car time of 6 hours.

    Now.... who parks his sled here? (miles away from snow at a popular trailhead)

    This would be another option. Do Dead dog first and hike back up Kelso for this line, which would dump you out right at the car.
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    Looks like you had fun out there today Oliver! Way to get a good solo done!!!!!

    "Don't be afraid of the spaces between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so." - Belva Davis

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    Well done. Torreys has some of the best lines around.

    Was the straight down off the top line not filled in?

    I set off a small soft slab about 10 yrs ago right here as it rolls into the Emperor chute proper.

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    nice one dude, looks better then my day!

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    Torreys is a great mountain, looks like a fun solo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smitchell333 View Post
    Was the straight down off the top line not filled in?
    I could not tell from the top so I played it safe and went the route we did last year.
    Then I totally forgot to check it out from the bottom if it goes.
    From my small pic and the picture forum8fox took at the end of April, it looks like it probably would go.

    Quote Originally Posted by forum8fox View Post

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    nice solo dood (yeah, the rest of us were busy with work). the 45 min alone on top must have been nice...too bad it was cloudy.
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