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    Reccomend a W's jacket?

    Must be 3 layer Gore for warranty replacement...

    What have you liked, or not liked?

    This will be used for skiing mostly - weight not too important.

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    There are a shit load of good/great jackets out there. All the big companies have good products, so choose what she likes and in what color. Patagonia, Mammut, Marmot, Clouldviel, Mountain hardware, et cetera. I personally like the more technical features in a jacket, i.e. sealed zips, vents, fabric stretch, but most women just want it to look good.

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    Arcteryx wholesale store in North Van. Stuff is cheap (atleast 50% off retail) cause it didn't pass factory inspection. HOWEVER nothing is super wrong with it. On the price tag it also labels defect. Mine has funny dye mark INSIDE sleeve! Who cares!! It's inside!

    Great 3 layer, bomb proof ski gear. Made in Canada (Van) too.

    In the middle of moving so can't find it to name style but....I would consider selling mine for cheap. Will look for it. Only warn half dozen time. It's a little too small...maybe I shoulda gotta a smaller sized boob job
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