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    New New York inland Striped Bass record.

    New In-land New York State Record

    Wednesday, May 9, 2007

    Ian Kiraly, Walton, New York

    55 lb. 6 oz. 49 3/8" length 32" girth

    Trolling using a 6" lure - South of Kingston/Rhinecliff Bridge.

    Weighed in and Certified at Certified Marine Service, Connelly, NY. Verified by DEC, Delaware County. DEC New Paltz was notified and supplied the State Form.

    Three guys in a 16' lund boat with lots of fishing equipment, plus a 4' striper, that was a very happy crew. Photos will be posted on our web site:
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    That's a big fuckin striper!

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    I'll say:

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