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    Eating SF Bay Halibut/ Striper etc...

    So I'm going out on a charter boat end of June for Halibut and Striper, what do you guys think about eating bay fish? I've heard a lot of horror stories about how polluted the bay is. Should I be worried, if so how worried?

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    My father recently informed me of an article he read in the New England Journal of Medicine. It discussed the levels of mercury found in fish in Boston Harbour. They took a small sample of a fish that has been hanging in the Old State House since the 17 or 1800s, and tested it for mercury levels. They matched the levels found in fish today from the same area the fish was caught.

    What does that mean for you? Not sure. Just found it really cool.

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    Free Range Lobster has quite a bit of info on this subject....

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    Read "Zodiac" by Neal Stephenson. Fiction, but kinda on topic.

    I think it's a valid concern.

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