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Thread: Fly Boxes

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    Fly Boxes

    I'm going out in the morning. So, this evening I am going through and rearranging my fly boxes. I don't really need to. But I am. Because it's fun. And it reminds me that I need to a) get more flies, and b) start tying my own.

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    yeah man. Definitly have to start tying. I have been taking classes for a couple months now and it's fairly easy to do. Sat down this afternoon with a beer and a Chris Knight cd and busted out about 30 flies. The juicyfruit looking flies we have to use up here are fairly complex and may take a little while longer but them dry flies seem fairly cut and dry. Tied a few last week and there doesnt seem like theres to much to them, just fairly small. Good luck tomorrow. No luck up here today, creeks still have a couple few feet o bank ice. Maybe next week.
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