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    Question Anyone have a password to The that I could borrow?

    I'm writing a paper for my Money and Banking class on the Exchange Rate, and the Economist has some good stuff on their website I could really use.

    Specifically, I'm looking for a few recent opinion articles on the direction of the Dollar, and also the Feb. release of the BigMac index.

    So, I feel bad asking, but does anyone have a password to that I could borrow for a few hours today?

    The best I can do is promise that I won't use it after today, or give it to anyone else.

    Help a brother out!


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    "Can't vouch for him, though he seems normal via email."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Below Zero View Post
    The Economist online is sold as a service, not just ad-funded, so bugmenot will not work.

    Sorry, dipstik, it looks like my sub ran out during the summer.

    Do you realize that you've just posted an admission of ignorance so breathtaking that it disqualifies you from commenting on any political or economic threads from here on out?

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    You can access 10 articles for free with a temp. subscription:

    edit: check pm
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    Check with your school, most like mine offer access to their students to a wide array of magazines, newspapers and scientific journals

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    I can send you some research articles from HSBC and a couple of others if you're interested. Also, subscribe to the daily pfennig (Everbank) for a lighter view of fx movements and opinion.

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    If you didn't get it yet, I can access that from work. if you have specific articles, I can cut & paste into an email.
    Also, if you want someone to review your work before turning it in, I'd be happy to read and comment. I've been trading for a long time and would be happy to give you some comments.

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