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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankZappa View Post
    Oh yeah. Don't look too close for lines to ski, cuz then you'll really be eff'ed up and confused about what to do with the rest of your life... Just sayin'
    it's true

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaddyDaddy77 View Post
    If your headed from Durango to Silverton, good vantage point and short hike is little Molas Lake, you can get a pretty good view with not a lot of time looking back down into the valley at Durango.

    If you have more time and are in for a little hike, turn into Haviland Lake head across the bridge and take the road to the right and stay right, park your car at the campground and hike the road the juts to the right when the pavement goes back to the left and uphill. The easy way is to follow the road and find the giant pipe and get on top of it and follow it, or you can follow the road further get your feet wet in a couple of beaver ponds and then get there. If you have a high clearence vehicle you can make it depending on the depth of the beaver ponds. You'll end up at Forbay lake, if you follow the pipe you will look down into the canyon, 1,000 ft + to where the train fills up with water. Great little lake, cold ass water.
    These are both good suggestions. But if you really want a sweeeeet hike, stop at the top of Coal Bank Pass, park in the little lot on the north side, and hike up Engineer. You can hike just to the bottom of the mountain, to the tundra above treeline, pretty easily (and it is gorgeous up there). The peak is definitely harder, but not super hard. Total mileage to the peak is 2.5 miles from the car, and ~2300' gain. Engineer has to be the coolest non-13er in the state (it's 7' shy). Views that rival any 14er.

    In Durango, eat breakfast at College Drive Cafe (or the Durango Diner or Oscars for more diner quality); the turkey fried steak and eggs at the cafe kicks ass.

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    I've got this thread bookmarked so it worthy of a Bump.

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    If you're in Durango looking for a good dinner spot, there's a new Italian place called Mutu's that was damn tasty.

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    Bumping this thread since I am headed down to Ouray for the first time in my life. I will be headed down with wife, kid, 2 dogs and an old Tahoe that goes a LOT of places. Any updates to add to the list? We are also looking for ideas for dispersed FS camping. We will be down there for the 4th weekend, and probably spend Monday in town, and drive back to Denver on Tuesday. Thanks ahead of time.
    Quote Originally Posted by RockBoy View Post
    The wife's not gonna be happy when she sees a few dollars missing from the savings and a note on the door that reads, "Gone to AK for the week. Remember to walk the dog."
    Quote Originally Posted by kannonbal View Post
    Damn it. You never get a powder day you didn't ski back. The one time you blow off a day, or a season, it will be the one time it is the miracle of all history. The indescribable flow, the irreplaceable nowness, the transcendental dance; blink and you miss it.
    Some people blink their whole lives.

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    Everything (including camping) will be packed, but- Orvis hotsprings!

    The town hotsprings is more friendly- lots of nude people at Orvis, but Orvis is much better.

    Yankee boy basin is great for camping, but will be packed.

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    Any passes in Colorado south of I 70 lower than 10,000 feet that might feature spring conditions next week? Sampling Abajos tomorrow.
    Thanks in advance for any beta.

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    i've been gone for a couple of weeks so do not know snowline. I would definitely say check out the la platas easy access to south facing stuff. Caught some corn their earlier in the season. maybe some Durango people will have some current info.
    off your knees Louie

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    off on yet another Tangent
    There's been 4' over the last week in the Northern San Juans, with highly variable conditions. More new supposedly tonight on top of today and on the way Tuesdayish. It'll be down to letting the new transform, timing and playing it by ear for corn harvesting.
    Best regards, Terry
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    What about Gore Pass on Rt. 134 just south of Steamboat for some spring corn? I know it isn't south of i 70 but I just discovered I have a free Steamboat ticket. It is 9500' so I could handle the elevation better than the higher passes.

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