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    Dec 2007
    I returned to the ski world after a 16 year snowboarding hiatus (I'll probably snowboard this weekend though) so it's a 3 way tie:
    -168 Gotama's (white topsheet)
    -Dynafit ST's
    -Garmont Megarides

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    Best purchase this year has been 186 Line Prophet 90s. They are a great ski for the midwest!!!!!!!!! If i skied primarily out west I'm sure it would be something different but around here these things kick ass.

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    Jun 2006
    Best purchase, 190 got and s916's, great deal on the gots and a reasonable one on the 916s.
    NEW BOOTS, Technica Diablo Magma, after bedding in, amazing fit.
    Closely followed by Hestra freeride gloves.
    I ski therefore I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdboatboy View Post
    Recent Craigslist purchase:
    186 Volant Spatulas with Salomon 914 mounted within the adjustment length of my bootsole. Light to moderate topsheet and base scratches. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them listed in Minneapolis, for $100.
    I saw that listing the day it went up! Emailed him even though I'm like 2000 miles away.

    Good on ya man. That is an insane deal.

    Oh, and: Birthday 06/07 Phat Luvs for my lovely wife $249 shipped. Thanks Porters Tahoe!

    Addition: Got used but good condition Head Worldcup Ti 97 boots off eBay for 39 bucks shipped. I was in 315mm X-wave 9's and 322mm Integral Equipes and learning to ski powder taught me my boots were too big. Also learned I have crazy narrow feet. These Worldcups are 300mm, scary tight but goddamn I can't wait to ski in them.
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    Salomon X-Wing Lab 198's for $699

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    Dec 2004
    Incline Village, NV (Tahoe)
    46" poles
    Elite Feet service

    I was on 50" poles. After skiing a few runs with JT Holmes, he said "it looks like you're dealing cards out there. You are taller than me but try some shorter poles." FKNA right, the man was spot on. On steep pitches it's great; polling across least I'm not on a snowboard. But it's really changed my skiiing a lot and helped me get more agressive and angulate.

    I was always in pain esp my right big toe with horrendous toe bang. Christain of ELITE FEET at Squaw blew out one of my Dalbello Krytons. It was like Johnson's Baby Shampoo: no more tears.
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