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    No more skiing in Japan

    Thre front page of the Yomiuri Shinbun (a major paper) stated today that, due to global warming, there will be no skiing on the main island of Japan by the end of this century. Predictitions are for winter temps to rise 7 degrees. I guess I will have to move to Alaska...
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    I'd give it til, like, 2075, then decide.

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    I'll let you know on Friday - if it's no good then the article must be true.
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    that's an excellent way of getting the masses in japan to think about the future quality of the environment and to get out to the resorts to enjoy them while they last.

    ...o' course, travel agents were also saying don't got to japanese ski resorts for new year's holidays. but then it went off w/ the snow storm on the 28th of december! deep turns everywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski Beaver View Post
    I'll let you know on Friday - if it's no good then the article must be true.
    Why would a newspaper lie to a person?
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