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    I bought a dyson ball animal. Pretty good. auto adjusts between carpet and hard floor.

    I bought mine refurbished "Like New" off amazon for 280$

    I cannot attest to durability. I hope it's a long time.
    Own your fail. ~Jer~

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    consumer reports rates Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Rewind Bagless UH70120 vacuum cleaner only slightly lower than the Dyson, and it's $130.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gepeto View Post
    don't mean to harsh your anticipation buuut; went through 3 of these including the shop/pet version and had the mopping unit too. All of them worked well while they worked. Kinda nice to come home to a clean floor.

    More than a few parts to keep after to keep them efficient. Poor battery performance finally made me cave on the concept.

    just sayin
    thanks good to know. I'll go in with low expectations
    but aside from the cleaning factors I do also look fwd to the potentials of things like this
    skid luxury

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    Well that sucks...I forgot I even posted this thread. 10 years ago, really?

    We got rid of the Hoover and bought a nice little cordless vac that takes care of just about everything in the house and my wife even likes to use it (she hated that heavy corded vac.)

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