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Thread: Roof Box Repair

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    Quote Originally Posted by shafty85 View Post
    I've read that fiberglass doesn't bond well to ABS epoxy (which apparently Thule boxes are made of) - apparently needs to be redone ever few years or so? Just what I've read, but yeah, bondo fiberglass kits are available.
    I mean yeah, fiberglass cloth doesn't stick to fuck all. Resin on the other hand... but you're right polyester resin and abs don't stick that well. Again, epoxy > polyester resin on most things.

    Forgot to say. Use CA adhesive (superglue) to hold the pieces back together while you're laying up your glass and resin. CA sticks like shit to blanket on ABS but CA is brittle so it's just "tack".
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    For the cracks in my ABS topper, I drilled out the ends to stop them spreading, then "stitched" the sides together every 3" with wire through small holes about 1/4" from the crack. After all that I sealed it with a concoction made of ABS chips and acetone. Basically ABS cement, but you can thicken it up to a point where it holds itself in place. Couple coats of that over the crack and it's all sealed up. Not pretty, but it's holding up well.

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    Tried a knock off Plasti-grip product to paint my 15 year old Thule box. Not impressed. I think I should have used a Krylon plastic rattle cap and a decent matte clear coat. Maybe even would have been worth dropping off at a paint and body shop after I taped it up. Prep was good, just looks splotchy like anything that's spray painted.

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    My buddy did a big green Shark on his box looks really good, I will ask what he used

    edit: " tough duracoat truck bedliner and regular outdoor paint "
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