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    Keystone/Loveland December 1st and 2nd

    So Late I know but hey I will still post it up.

    I enjoyed Keystone. 4-10 inches of new snow on a not so solid base. Tons of rocks a at the time at keystone. Still good skiing

    Keystone has some pitch and although most people dont know it the best tree runs are not the one pictured here(these are on the outback area) but on the ***** side.

    My first day back on skis. Truthfully it felt as if i never left them

    gotamas were floating to good today.

    Me super stoked my first day back on skis is in untracked powder

    Some scenic shots from keystone

    Day 2 brought me to loveland. I liked loveland alot. Yeah its kinda of flat but some steep sections to play on best coverage of the year so far for me. Some fresh/windblown snow offpiste and awesome groomers to mach on. tour guides for the day were 2 rippin loveland race team kids . maggots Baxter and Nick > Jesus. they made the day great and awesome kids to ski with. Thanks alot guys. sadly only one pictures that was worth sharing.

    Airplane ledge underneath chair 1 at Loveland. Nick and his 188 bros launch on to some pretty hard pack conditions while andi looks on

    and to finish off, a nice scenic on the way to utah monday morning.
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    I heart secret Keystone stashes.
    washu feeze drive me to firenze?

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    Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.
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