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    Big Sky avalanche?

    Just curious if anyone has more info. I heard from a friend who volly patrols there that his buddy set off a pretty decent slide lookers left of challenger and took a good ride. Anyone know about this? depth of crown etc..(heard something but curious if it is true). I think it happened saturday. Bunion?

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    I skied Big Sky on Sunday and Monday. I saw the debris, it was a good size slide. I also heard rumor that it was skier caused and that someone took a ride. There are slides all over the place there. The wave wall broke and slid. Crons had a huge slide. Several places on the south wall up high have cracked and slid. Overall the Mtn is ok condititons wise. Not great but not horrible. Getting into Marx is a bit sketchy, the top of Marx(from the gullies traverse) is rocky as hell but once you are into the meat of that run, it was pretty good. The gullies were ok, a bit sketchy at the top but pretty good elsewhere. We hit gully 1 then traversed and hit the bottom of gully 2 where the snow was great actually. We need more snow for sure!!!!!

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    I keep hearing conflicting reports as to to status of the run when the slide occurred. Open or closed? Depends on who you talk to. Supposedly caught two boarders below one skier. Big probe line, dogs, etc.

    Bunion posted about it here:
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    Must have missed that(tried searching). I know one of the boarders, but haven't talked to him about it.

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    whenever I try a "big sky" search here, it comes up empty everytime??????

    edit: I know, I know, should have been in "Ask TGR"
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