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    WWMD?, Partially torn peroneal tendon

    Mrs dbldmnd has had some pain on the outside of her left ankle/calf for the past 8 months. It hasn't gotten better and finally this fall she went to the doctor to find the problem. After x-rays, PT, bone scans, cat scans and MRIs, they now say she has a partially torn peroneal tendon. They mention that surgery is in the cards and it MIGHT help relieve the pain.

    She has cut way back on her running, worn "the boot" for most of a month and it helped a bit, but she is still in pain. Her leg hurts when she is on alpine skis, tele skis and even the snowboard. Downhill appears to offer the least amount of pain, but it still hurts pretty bad.

    So maggot doctors, has anyone been through a similar experience? If so, did you find resolution to the problem?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    What are her foot and ankle mechanics like? Has she seen a podiatrist? Start at the foundation and work up.

    My peroneal trouble (though never torn) was due to lateral ankle instability. Lateral ankle reconstruction fixed everything.

    As she's a runner check her shoes, most have tons of medial support. If I wore anything that tilted my foot outward it would quickly make things worse. Shoes made for supinators helped but eventually I got past that point and went the surgery route.
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    Agree, a footbed could be a help if the mechanics warrant it. I would really lay off it to let it heal. A lot more important muscle/connection then might seem obvious. Perhaps a strap to disperse the force like used for tennis elbow. Need it to work well so need to let it heal.

    Need to get Vinman's vote on this, he'll have the better/best opinion on it.
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    I'm guessing you/she did the whole therapy route as well as the boot. If not then she should try a few weeks of therapy.

    If the therapy route has been exhausted and she is still having pain and no resolution in site, then maybe it is time to think about a possible surgical route.

    Can you give some background on how it happened and what she has tried so far?
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    Walking without a miniscus

    I tore a miniscus completely loose and it's upside down according to MRI. I have been an avid walker going from a high of 445 pounds to my current 250. Unfortunately heart issues make a knee replacement unadvisable so I'd like to know if a removal will ease the severe pain and allow me to walk and hike again. I am 66 yo and hsve had a quadruple bypass and now 3 stents. I currently walk trying to keep muscles toned should I later be able to have replacement of the knee but the pain is immense and I have to quit and go ice things before I am ready. Any thoughts appreciated.

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    getting your meniscus out can provide pain relief, but will more likely influence the locking and clicking that you're likely experiencing in your knee. whether or not it helps your pain is probably something your ortho surgeon could tell you.

    Without your meniscus, you will undoubtedly develop pretty significant arthritis in that knee. How long that might be is hard to say.

    Though, if your meniscus is in there and it's upside down/not doing anything anyway, it's not shielding you from arthritis much currently.

    last, there are actually meniscus transplants where they use a cadaver meniscus to repair a completely torn/removed meniscus. this would, however, become a more significant surgery.

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