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    Sizing for Seth Pistols vs. 1080 Guns

    I have been looking into picking up some Pistols or Guns. I am trying to figure out what length I should be looking for. I demoed a pair of 175 Guns and they were pretty plush. As far as the Pistols are concerned, I can go up to the 179 or down to the 169. Ht/Wt is 5'11", 160 - ski backcountry whenever possible. Just had back surgery, so I don't want to tweak anything to protect my ego. Advice, opinions, and insights are appreciated.

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    no shorter than 179 on the pistols.
    I personally think that sollies ski short, 185 in the gun isn't that long at all. But if you like the 175, what the heck do i know.

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    im the same size as you and im goiing up to the 189's after skiing the 79's for a couple years, dont go lower than the 79's , you will regreat it

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    I'm 5'9" 170lbs and have the 179s, I would not want to go any shorter than that.

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    5'6" 140lbs on the 169 sv's. they ski longer than most twins. i would not go shorter than 169 (whaddya mean they don't make any shorter ?)

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