A friend told me about this a few weeks ago so I queued it up in Nextflix.

Although I don't listen to it as much as I use to, I was pretty much raised on metal. My first tape I bought was Black Sabbath Paranoid and my first concert was Metallica on the ...And Justice For All tour. So I may be a bit biased as a metal fan, but I really think the movie was done well. I think it provides a great summary of what the metal culture is all about. Sam breaks the movie out into History, Culture, Censorship, Religion & Satanism, and Gender & Sexuality.

He has some good interviews with Bruce Dickenson, Tony Iomi, Ronni James Dio (he's really short), Dee Snyder, Rob Zombie, a couple of guys from Lamb of God, Mayhem, and Slipknot, plus a some scholars, and some average metal fans.

I was a particular fan on the censorship section where they show the footage of Dee Snyder before Congress. The look on Tipper Gore's face was priceless.

If you're a music fan, metal or not, I'd highly reccomend you watch it.