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    Black Diamond props

    Just wanted to give the guys at Black Diamonds props for hooking me up recently. I broke the heel cup on some old Diamir 2s on Rock Chuck. Probably had 5 or 6 seasons on these bindings and tons of days with both alpine and AT boots. Sent them an email and they hooked me up with a new part for only $35. Not too bad for something that is way out of warranty. I picked it up in SLC and they showed me how to install it - very easy.

    Thanks guys!

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    Good customer service is nice!

    Just got my arcteryx jacket back because i broke the zipper.

    Just got the package back on looking at the stamps the mailing has cost them 40s... Not to mention that the jacket had to be sent to them too.

    So,in all,that jackets repair and postage has cost as much as i paid for the jacket in the first place.

    But, i am not complaining here.
    Im just being one happy camper, and helluva satisfied customer.

    It is good to see those respected companies,be it BD or Arcteryx, living up to the reputation, year after year.

    The floggings will continue until morale improves.

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