Happy Going Back To Work Day after such a KICK A$$ Weekend.

The weekend was fantastic, snowed (somewhat windy and very cold) on Saturday, Sunday was a snow filled but no wind and alittle bit warmed 10 degrees instead of 5 degrees. The entire mountain was open and just incredible. All Sunday afternoon I rode the gondola up, rode straight down Climax through Unbound Main, hit 1 of the 2 pipes and right back up. I did that for about 2 hours straight or so. 2000 foot vertical drop each ride, What an awesome afternoon.

Sunday morning, I was lucky enough to be about the 15th chair back opening of Chair 9. Must have been almost 3 feet of fresh POW POW coming off Ricochet just under Dragon's Back. Monday, conditions were very nice, hiked up to the Hemlock's, just about the best ride this entire season. Hiked over past the Paranoids and into Philippe's. Rode down directly under Chair 14 (Complete Fresh Tracks) but still not alot of depth which is normal.

The Link for all my Mammoth pictures, including just about 99 new pictures from this weekend. I hope you all enjoy, I haven't quite a chance to label the Variety of Pictures page, but will. Either way, for now, ENJOY them and hope you all can go an enjoy Mammoth, It truly is "MAMMOTH." This weekend's trip is under "Most Recent Trip" February 2006 ........

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