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    I came to bring the mank [/method man]

    Another good trip to Utah in the books. Lots of snow, albeit manky snow. No complaints, though because I managed to get fresh tracks on 6 out of 8 days and I skied with a ton of maggots, all of which were great tour guides. Props goes to Crash'nburned and RTP who hooked me up with a ride on a few days. Major karma points have been added to Backpack's account. He let Crash, RTP, MD9, and myself score a bunch of fresh tracks in strawberry canyon and picked us up in his car (the gondola was closed that day so we had to ski to the road to score those turns, which were definitely some of the best I've had).

    I didn't have any rockstar highlights, but I did have some notable gaper highlights, which include:

    Playing traversesweeper at Snowbasin. Skied there two days, both days were socked in from mid-mountain up. I think I mistakenly found 5 cattracks, which resulted in some sort of fall, tumble, or ugly backseat maneuver.

    The barbed wire fence. In order to get to Backpack's car, we had to cross a barbed wire fence. I noted the difficulty everyone was having. I got my first ski over no problem. As I went to get the second one over, my first ski slid downhill, and I fell down, getting caught up in the fence. Didn't cut my skin, but I got a nasty bruise and my ski pants have seen better days.

    Alta cattrack. I can only assume Xover has a voodoo doll, because one minute I was traversing along, the next I was sliding down the hill.

    Not the best photos, but a few moments worth sharing:

    RTP ripping up the creamy goodness at snowbasin. We got fresh tracks on most runs over the two days there. It helped having some good tourguides (the Meat/Gt family, flykdog, and backpack)

    But the real highlight of the basin was the bathrooms

    After two days of tracking up the heavy cream at the basin, I thought the Bird would be a sea of chunky bumps. It wasn't, it was chalky, still a little soft, and not too bumpy, which I think is a pretty sweet consolation prize

    One day I caught some sweet sunsets on the way back from Powder Mountain (which I knew wasn't steep, but much flatter than I expected; can't knock fresh tracks 4 days after a storm though)

    A better camera would be nice for these times, but I'm still glad I caught it

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    das heights
    where did you take that shot @ the bird

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