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Thread: Its dumping!

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    slippy hope yer gettin some footage but couldn't blame anyone for just skiing that shit... it'll be good for filmin for awhile with piles like that... I'm in town in two weeks- maybe another helmet cam session in some lines rarely filled in... yafuckinhoo what a week

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    Hit north bowl for a warm up and immedietly came back and went of DRCS cliffs. Went and did a high t lap and went over to pierre's knob to a surpising opening of the fingers. made a mad dash to the trail and got the first finger only to find the trailbreaking stopped there. said fuck it and went down the first finger for some over the head, straightline tracks. hurried and got back up on the trail and the lead people handn't got much further. so we did the first finger again. god down and went off superman. didn't feel like i went big enough so went back and hit it bigger this time. decided to go and hit the ridge.
    C route was the only thing open. Wend over to the nose and dropped in and stopped dead. it was too deep and there wasn't enough pitch. After struggling for a long time finally made it down to some tracks and made extremely deep turns.
    For the rest of the day we just went around trying to find a little bit of untracked. Tomorrow should still be could. When the rest of the ridge opens it will be going off!!!!

    oh yeah. blue skies all day long
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    Thumbs up

    I just plotzed.

    Way to reap the pow.

    Mountainman is a sheephumper.

    That is all.

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    Let's hit DP, shorter line than Bridger, whirlpools, and maybe peek at south bowl.

    DEEP, DEEP, holy-fuggin DEEP!!

    Think they'll open the ridge today? Maybe... prolly fingers first... let's ride PK

    Holy shit it's open, let's go!

    Wow, we're not even to the first finger and we caught up with the pack already.

    Let's ski the first, hike back up and get in line behind these guys again.

    Hey up there, want us to spell ya breakin trail? No? ok...

    Let's ski the second then...

    Ok, back in line, let's ski the second again...

    Holy shit, are all of ya skiing the third? Serious?

    OMG, OMG, OMG, the snow is above my fucking head. I can't even see the horizon line uphill unless I lean waaayyy back..

    This could be a big mistake. In order to take one step up, I have to whack the pow aside above my head with my pole, swipe it away, still above my head, with my hands, get it to nipple height, elbow it down, knee it down, stomp it ten times, then step.

    Let's keep goin.

    You wanna drop first?

    uuhhhh.... YEAH!!!!

    Don't stop, don't turn, this is serious shit.



    don't turn, keep balance, hands up.

    If I auger in now, I'm toast.

    Wow, fucking amazing.

    Wanna do it again?

    Hella ya!!!

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    I've got vid of this cycle on mini DV maybe sometime I'll get around to uploading/editing it. I actually rode a TGR Hall of Fame powder dump. had a 2wd truck and rallying through the backstreets of BZX and not gettin stuck took some speed. I got stuck twice. But rallying was fun.

    Just imagine how many pages this thread would have been if it happened in Summit/Vail I 70 area.

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    Its dumping

    Hi All,

    I have been pretty busy the past few weeks , but I am going to be spending more time on the board with all you guys and gals ...

    I would like to get my ask Merc. blog going again also ...


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