Dude I guess I could call you but my phone is down in my car and well I'm lazy right now. Its friday and I'm bored at work, wondering if I should go across the street to the Crazy Goat, but they dont have any 'trim' dancing until after 5, and the girls there all seem to have mustaches! There was a hot one from New Orleans last time I was in there, but she was kinda man looking and well being from NOLA and all I was kinda freaked out by my attraction to her little pitchers mound! Prolly cause Boy George really fuked me up when I was a kid. I might go to Lumpys but I hate thimble sized martinis,and watered down beer. They prolly have hot servers at Lumpy's but what good are they. I would rather stare at some single mothers crotch just to see if I can see her meat curtains. How was the skiing today! I bet it was sick mcrickter or what ever

Lebowsky clean out that PM box dude!