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    ^^^what temp?

    I did 500 F overnight, the cabinets were a bit toasty when I got home the next morning...
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    We can tell you think you're awesome- it's pretty obvious. I love it when you try to convince us all too, It's like a tripped out Willy Wonka boat trip across the galaxy of fail you call an existence and it is indeed awesome to watch. I mean, your fail is so dense it has become a "black hole of fail" that has a gravitational pull strong enough to attract the fail of others, hence the "dating sucks" thread scenario.

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    425 degrees....not crazy hot, but it was definitely heating up the room!
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    I couldn't give a fuck, but today I am procrastinating so TGR is my filler.
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    faceshots are a powerful currency
    get paid

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    tree OH TREE!!!!!
    buddy crashed on the couch a couple weeks ago after too much drink and not smart to drive.

    I clean up the kitchen in the morning and proceed to fill the dishwasher... garbage disposal going with the old rinse, dump, and fill washer. Mind was not quite firing on all cylinders as I dump 2 glasses with water in them next to the kitchen sink. One written with an R on it, the other with an L.

    Moral to the story.... you can crash on my couch if your drunk but your fucking contact lenses will end up getting chewed up in the garbage disposal so bring your glasses for the drive home.

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    my buddy blew his thumb and index + middle fingers off trying to shoot an M80 with a slingshot when we were kids

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    On the way home after filling the tank a few weeks ago, about a 3 mile drive in traffic, turns and hills, I heard a thump on the roof and looked in the rear view to see something small and black bounce on the road behind me. I reverse back to the object and find my empty iphone gel. I look around for about 5 minutes and see something glinting on the side of the road, its my phone with a small corner scratch but fully functional. I figured I must have taken it out of my pocket while fumbling for my wallet and set it on top of the car. Dumb luck.
    Silent....but shredly.

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    "Oh shit Chris, What are your parents going to do?". "They're going to beat me until I'm dead." I say. He thinks about this for a minute and says "If that's true, then you can't tell them. I've got a plan." I didn't know what his plan was, but I was liking this idea much better already."

    Can't believe I'm just now finding this thread. Been dying all morning.
    "One season per year, the gods open the skies, and releases a white, fluffy, pillow on top of the most forbidding mountain landscapes, allowing people to travel over them with ease and relative abandonment of concern for safety. It's incredible."

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    Early part of my parenting career after a day of skiing I loaded up all the equipment for me and the 3 kids, put the date rape van in reverse to head home and "crunch" over 4 pairs of poles still on the ground and just in case they weren't all snapped like twigs after the first mishap, placed the car in drive so my tail end would not be sticking out as I inspected my wounded soldiers and proceeded to run over them again. My kids still give me shit about it about a decade later. I'm such a cheap bastard I went home and revived 2 of 4 pairs using a gas torch.

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    The ex and I decided to extend an inter tube run with sit-on-top kayaks. Wound up running a class five with no helmets or life jackets.

    Second only to my brother and I at a Buck Cherry concert. Left, got yelled at by a rental cop, came back and lil bro emptied his drink on the guy. He threw himself on the car, I slalomed through traffic, threw the armed renta-cop off the car and took off. Breaking moment was when he put his hands on my kid brother, now spec ops.
    "Yo!! Brentley! Ya wanna get faded before work?"

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    Talking Unsmart Things Done

    I bought the perfume which my gf dislikes. Twice

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    I also do not like perfumes, natural smell better

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