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    East Cape Loop: Help me build my bickepacking ride

    I've got a trip planned this fall and need to get my kit dialed. I currently have a SC Chameleon that I bought during covid that I want to convert for bikepacking. It's set up as a 27.5+ and I want to switch to a 29 with tires up to 3" and probably upgrade the fork. Also racks and bags.

    I'm new to this but have ridden plenty. The main objective is riding the east cape loop in Baja this fall and a couple shakedown trips in NorCal this summer. There's no shortage of youtube info, I'm looking for new wheel recommendations (carbon?) and is it a basic conversion to change over to the larger hoop? This will be pretty warm and we don't need to carry a ton of extra gear with frequent resupplies (TACOS!) but basic camping gear is needed and I'm looking at different racking/bivy/tent/quilt options. Any personal recs?

    Anyone ridden the loop? I've spent lots of time in Baja and am stoked to check it on a bicycle.


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    Tent> bivy, quilts are great for warm weather, get bags that cinch tight. Grt a system for packing/unpacking worked out.

    Get out and ride!

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    Do I understand that you have a rack and bags already?

    Other than insight into the 27.5>29 conversion, is it camping gear you need insight into?

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    The Cape Loop is sick and about as approachable as an international bikepacking trip gets.

    You may want to double check the clearance on the Chameleon. I'd be surprised if it could clear a full 29x3. 27.5+ will certainly do the trick. For shelter, I brought a tent footprint and the rain fly. Bugs weren't a concern so I left the inner tent a home. However almost every night I just slept out.

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