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    Best kid-friendly trails in CO and beyond

    What's everyone favorites trails for riding with the kiddos? My daughter is 7. She's a good climber and has great stamina, but she's pretty timid even though she has decent skills. Big, grade reversing berms are very intimidating right now. I'd love to find more trails for her to ride, but finding enjoyable trails for kids this age can be challenging.

    My list thus far:

    Roaring Fork area:
    Lower Prince Creek - mellowish climb, a couple small rocky areas, mellow descent with no big corner
    Airline to Cozyline - long, easy to moderate climb aside a few steep turns, long, smooth descent with only one or two tricky corners.
    Seven Star to Rim - long, easy to moderate climb with several steep turns, Rim is a good alternate descent as it's a mellow grade and doesn't have big berms
    Butterline - great entry level trail, easy except for a couple very small loose climbs

    Fruita area:
    Kessel Run - easy to shuttle or climb next to it, generally pretty mellow and fun except for 3 or 4 super short techyish areas
    Rustler - great loop, just the right amount of tech for a 6-7 year old learning to ride real trails, a couple slightly steeper climbs, but all very doable for a small kid with gears. Wish there were more trails like this.

    Moab area:
    Deadhorse State Park - great mellow trails with minimal climbing, my 7 year old could ride everything, my almost 5 year old could ride 75% of it
    Rodeo (Horsetheif area) - pushing the limits of tech for my 7 year old, but she had a lot of fun, big to do as a whole loop, but we rode 3 miles out and back
    Klondike Bluff Beginner Loop - fine for a 6 or 7 year old, maybe younger, a couple sections are quite narrow, not terribly exciting, but some nice views, sections can be sandy

    North Conway, NH (we vacation every summer)
    Whittaker Woods - generally flat, not technical, good for young kids, but the loam can make it a bit slow to pedal
    Pudding Pond - some decent trails, not much climbing, roots, can be very wet, muddy, buggy
    Cheater - great trail for an out and back, mellow climb, nice turns, not too technical

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    Evergreen Co
    Directional rides in buffalo creek would be fantastic. This is actually where I learned to ride as a kid in the 90’s.

    The Colorado trail as an out and back from the scraggy trailhead. Or maybe out the Colorado trail and down shinglemill, spin back on the road.

    Crested Butte - Lupine trail
    Created Butte - upper loop and lower loop
    Steamboat - Flash of gold as an out and back.

    In a year or two - Colorado trail for the first few miles toward Durango from Molas pass. Some of the best singletrack in the state but it’s likely hard on little legs.

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    We had a kids race today. It also starts and/or ends at our bike park which has a whole kid section. I've also seen the young one's hitting some of the bigger stuff too. Very family friendly, and you can ride to tacos!
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