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    Help valuing bikes

    I’ve got some bikes to move and the swap is this weekend.

    Xs Kona hei hei trail supreme. Fits 4’10” to 5’2” ish. 27.5 wheels. Full xx1, hope hubs, wtb carbon rims, guide ultimate brakes. Retail was like 8k…great shape

    Kona Jake the snake cross bike. Alloy w carbon fork. Mix of dura ace and ultegra 11 speed. 58cm. Paul’s brakes, carbon bars, good wheels…nice but old.

    Trek alloy, 650b wheels. Super small. 105 165 mm cranks, 11speed dura ace. Nice bike for a kid.

    24” wheel Framed fat tire bike. Deore level parts, barely used

    All these bikes are in great shape

    Appreciate the insight…I’d post pictures but….
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    In this market, anything over 3-4 years old might as well be garage sale priced.
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    All depends on the model year.

    Regardless of year, Kona's are gonna be selling at a discount. Moreso on the Hei Hei than the Jake the Snake.

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    Might list your Kona over here:
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