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    Volkl BMT 94 176

    If these were 180cm long I’d take them with me to the grave but they are just a bit too short to have the speed limit I want in variable conditions. Asking $300 for skis and skins or $450 for the whole setup. Buyer pays shipping if needed. Located in the Tahoe/Reno area.

    A few nicks in the topsheet the biggest of which have some epoxy dabs. Bases are in great shape save for a couple very light scratches (pictured) from putting the skis together with some dirt between the skis.

    1.25 mounts. Originally mounted for kingpins. The alpinists use the same toe holes and the heel re-uses the two front kingping heel holes. The other holes are plugged with dowels and Gflex. Has the long track alpinist heel. My 303 BSL is +1.3cm of the line which is at 11cm back from center. Would likely fit up to a 310 BSL without remounting but happy to check more precisely if needed.

    The alpinists toes have <25 days on them. The heels are the first gen alpinists and have 150+ days. I recently replaced the heel riser with a new one and straightened out the retention spring. Lots of info on that here. I works just fine in spring conditions but gets floppy if doing deeper trailbreaking. (

    Skins are the superlight BD mohair ones. The skins came to me with a bunch of shitty glue splooging onto the mohair. I replaced the glue with Pomoca glue and did my best to clean off the mohair but it’s still stained and glides about as fast as the Pomoca Climb 2.0 skins. They have a rip that I sewed with floss and aquasealed the backing before applying the new glue.

    Photos here.

    I’ll selfishly give priority to anyone who can help me track down a pair of HL C105s in a 178 or a BMT 109 in a 186, but mostly just want these gone to someone who will enjoy them.

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    PM on the way

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    PM’s replied too.

    Looks like a trade with Lord Thomas for some 109s is on tap.

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