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    What do you take on a multi-day mtn bike car camping trip?

    Looking specifically at spare parts.

    I used to travel with tons of tools and parts (like, even tons of misc nuts and bolts), then got pretty sparse with it, now I'm looking at rethinking what is needed and setting up my kit for the year.

    I think the list is different for something totally self supported like White Rim vs something like a Fruita trip where you have access to bike shop.

    List if near a bike shop:
    Patch kit / tire boot
    Vale Core / Spare Valve
    Brakes Pads
    Chain Master Link
    Der Cable
    Anybody ever use a flex fix spoke?
    How many of us carry a spare der hanger? I never have.

    Thoughts? How about totally self supported - what gets added?


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    Couple of tires and a jug of sealant
    Probably an extra rear shock
    Extra chain + links
    An extra rotor or two
    Extra brake pads
    Extra rear derailleur
    An extra derailleur hanger if I have one for that bike
    A minor assortment of bolts

    Most of the parts in that list would be used stuff that's been taken off a bike because it's not in great shape, but it's functional enough to limp along through a trip.

    Pretty often, if I'm going on a multi day biking trip, I have 2 bikes with me (dh / shuttle bike, and a pedal bike), so I basically have a whole bike's worth of spare parts.

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    for an 8day Moab trip a couple guides a bikestand, 3 mechanics and the all spares they brought was pretty cool but nothing broke not even a flat

    Back in the day I used to carry lots of stuff but the bike is pretty reliable now days and modern trails are way less janky

    with an e-bike I like to rent a shitty ground floor motel room so I can wheel the bike in for charging the battery
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    Very different kits for road trip vs self supported bikepacking/backcountry riding. But in both cases I bring what I'd need to fix any common problem that could end my ride or trip if not fixed, or at least make it suck.

    Road trip I carry most of a full tool kit. And most of the parts listed in previous posts. Space usually isn't an issue so I bring items that are common failures that would probably be expensive in shops, or possibly not available except for order. I bring more stuff on trips where there aren't nearby shops.
    Tires, used drivetrain and brake set that still function, saddle, rigid seat post, spare rotors, brake pads, spare links, valve core and valve, cable. Any parts that are specific to the bike like D hanger for sure. I've busted enough hangers I usually keep one in the truck and one in my pack.

    For self-supported/backcountry rides I take all the small parts that could end your ride if broken/worn out. Spare pads, valve/core, hanger, cable, links, common bolts, tube w sealant, small sealant bottle, plugs, CO2, pump. Full tire repair kit including curved needle, thread and glue to sew up a gash. Shimano bleed cup and small bottle fluid. Common tools - chain breaker, allen key set, mini leatherman, mini knife, tire levers, etc.

    Most of the stuff is based on issues I've had on trips where I didn't have these items. Of course once you have them with you, you'll never need them again. /win

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