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    Alpine Meadows- 42 yrs ago today-

    One of those never forgets. Tip a bit of something good this evening- Beth, Bernie, Jake, Bill, Snow Ranger Don- we're not going to let one get by. Names may change, the mountains don't ever.
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    Question Thanks you very much

    This is informative

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    It should also be mentioned that on March 31st of 1984, two years after the Alpine Meadows avalanche accident. Three ski patrollers at Aspen Highlands died in an avalanche, while doing control work in Highlands Bowl. They were Chris Kessler, Craig Soddy and Tom Snyder.

    The Bernie Kingery award that the American Avalanche Association (A3) (the mountain manager at Alpine Meadows when the avalanche happened) awards is the highest award that A3 gives; it Recognizes sustained career contributions by dedicated avalanche field professionals. Candidates are primarily engaged in avalanche forecasting, mitigation, research or education and safety.
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