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    We're discussing the expensivest valley in CH, not the entire country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djongo Unchained View Post
    We're discussing the expensivest valley in CH, not the entire country.
    Gstaad and Zürich Gold coast would like a Word about expensiveness with you.

    There are loads of "cheap" places in Switzerland. That's part of the reason I ski in the magic pass area.

    AND I think traveling towards the lower Engadine it also gets cheap really quickly towards Zuoz, same with the valley below maloja towards castasegna or over the julierpass.

    Glarus and Ticino skiing are also pretty out of Touch with the price race.

    Edit @ beder: And 200chf lodging per Person would get me Priced out of skiing fairly quickly as a family. Engelberg is certainly not a steal
    We had a room and half board for 4 people in New years week 22/23 for roughly 1500chf. That's 250 per day for all 4 of us. In valais at the O. But that was surprisingly low even by my Standards Granted it was a shared bathroom, youth hostel food and dorm style room, but it was Switzerland in the holiday season at a reasonable resort.

    Im not poor by German Standards, but im not American skier ( or German Golfer) rich.
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    Cheapness is a relative thing.

    Relative to time, yeah, CH and the rest of the ski world is getting more expensive, corporate season passes being the exception. Lodging and food in any destination ski resort worldwide are more expensive. I lament the closing of the Aurora Hotel in Andermatt where in 2011 it was 620chf for 4 days all inclusive, pre Swaris and Chedi. Engelberg always seemed to me to be on the more expensive side, although I'm sure a family room would be much less than 800chf/night at most hotels there now. Damn the refurbishment of the Hotel Terminus and the absence of the boot room purveyor.

    But the point I focus on is that relative to North America, skiing in Yurp is cheaper both for day lift tickets as well as hotels, even in the glitz of St. Moritz. I'm seeing all in deals of 2700chf for a week for 2 in St. Mo 3* hotel, less than 200chf/person/day. Even with an Ikon or Epic, that's hard to do in Aspen, Vail, Whistler, JH, etc and impossible at a decent hotel including breakfast and 4 course dinners. Plus, I can say fuck Alterra and Vail while patronizing small, family owned businesses. The $800+ I save on Ikon covers the plane flight and I hope the extension of these corporate passes to Yurp backfires more widely. if more people realize this.
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    There if a long way to fall before relatively affordable freeride skiing disappears in the Alps.

    Anyone know the status of the Telepherique?

    The list is endless. CH usually wins with the public transport but if you are willing to bus, drive or share a mini bus (under rated) Italy and parts of France tend to be cheaper.

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