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    Lange RS130 to Shadow Lv-130

    At 76 I've been putting on RS 130 on for 7 years and I'm too old to fight it anymore. Thinking of going to the shadow seems to be exactly the same fit with the exception of course of the flex and it seems the shadow has a little more room. I really like that RS tight tight fit and I'm thinking maybe I need to pop a zip fit liner into the boot to probably take up the minimal room that it has over the RS. What are your thoughts?

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    My thought is…Wrong forum JONG
    Move this to tech talk

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    Im getting dialed in on the 120 MV from the RX120. Does seem a bit roomier than the rx but im still enjoying it and am happy with the choice. Im getting by with a custom insole. My foot were kind of swimming without it.

    Bob is a good hookup for Shadows. Got my 120s for $398 after pressing F5 a bunch of times.

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