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    Green River float trip - recommendations on guide service and lodging

    Hello TGR fishing crew,

    I'm starting to plan a float trip on the Green with a few friends in early April. We're stoked, none of us have been and we'll probably end up spending 1-2 days floating while staying somewhere in Dutch John. Couple of questions for those of you experienced with the area:

    1) We're deciding between Western Rivers and Trout Creek Flies for guide/float service. Anyone have experience with either company, and/or any others we should look at as well?

    2) Any lodging recommendations that you could recommend? Right now looking at one of the cabins at the Dutch John Resort, but if we book with Trout Creek they have cabins on site(safe to assume this would make pickup/drop-off more convenient?).

    Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! TY in advance

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    Id also take a look at Spinner Fall guides, I like their Instagram page.....

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    I'll point you to Spinner Fall or WRFF. I know the owner of WRFF and he runs a great operation, and won't utilize the super long leader and balloon bobber setup you'll see on really challenging days.
    Dutch John is about the size of your thumbnail, so don't go expecting any luxury accommodations. Find somewhere with food nearby and call it good. Getting around from lodging to the shop for the fishing days will be easy as everything is about 5-10 minutes of driving max, unless you're way out there.
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    100% go with Western Rivers - they are solid dudes. I prefer to stay at the Flaming Gorge Lodge - best food options by far. Although I have a few buddies who live there so I haven’t actually had to find lodging in quite a while.

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    Have had two trips with Trout Creek Flies and stayed in their cabins. Good experiences both times. Nick put us onto fish on days we watched other outfitters struggle. Hoppers and streamers for us, but if indicator nymphing is what you prefer I'm sure they'd accommodate.

    Food options in Dutch John are minimal. Flaming Gorge is OK; I'd recommend driving the 25 minutes or so to Red Canyon Lodge for some elk sliders and old fashioneds.
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    A LSD Steakhouse somewhere in the Wasatch
    id go with trout creek and stay there spinner fall or old moe everybody has good guides
    westerns been uncool about hoggin campsites all summer and leaving them unattended rather than breaking them down and resetting so i cant recommend supporting that bullshit
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    Nick Jackson at Trout Creek, Ryan Russel at Spinner Fall, Ryan Kelly (not sure if he's doing his own thing), Colby Crossland of course out of Spinner Fall, Charlie Card. So many good guides. Imagine you've booked by now though.
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