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    Short notice knee-doc recommendations in Seattle?


    My partner has sustained some level of knee injury, perhaps to an MCL. She's been able to secure a UW Sports Medicine appointment in early March, but has a ski trip planned in mid-February and wants a go/no-go evaluation. She's a former collegiate runner -- ensuring tip-top knee-health is a top priority.

    Any recommendations for top-notch sports-medicine docs who are likely to have short-notice openings in the Seattle area? I'm pretty sure the Seahawks don't have to wait three weeks to get quality evaluations/advice.


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    Try Grant Garcia (amazing young knee surgeon), Mike McAdam (a Seahawks ortho), or Brian Snitily (a physiatrist attached to OPA i.e. a non-operating ortho/sports medicine physician who specializes in non-surgical rehab). Brian diagnosed and fixed my frozen shoulder and my FAI!

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