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    Biking from toronto to New york city. Dont judge

    My GF has a conference in Toronto this summer and wants to go to New York for a bit.
    I have never been to NY and would love to spend a few days on my own prior to her arriving.
    Have some time this summer and thought I would do a "power tour" down to NY from TO.
    Anyone have any ideas ? Not my first tour and I travel quite light and cover big days. Usually 150-200 km per day if there are no massive hills. Read somewhere about the Empire state trail. Is it lame ? Good ?
    I usually travel along back roads and just hit the local stores along the way for food and crash at the cheapest hotel every night. Willing to camp if necessary.
    What say the collective ?
    Will cross post in padded room as this may not be the correct forum ?

    Instagram onebaddancer prior tour pics.
    What if "Alternative" energy wasn't so alternative ?

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    I have buddies who have done the Empire State Trail section from NYC to Montreal.
    The Empire State Trail web site has a lot of good info.
    Getting from Toronto to St Catherines ON, crossing the boarder and hooking up to the Empire State Trail in Lockport NY is pretty simple, with lots of good bike options.
    Plenty of hotel options along the Empire State Trail route.
    It's a sure is a "Power tour" push at 1000kms. Sounds fun.... Type 2 fun.

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    In case it got lost in the other thread, lmk if you'd like a bike friendly route from Toronto to Niagara Falls or Buffalo.

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    Erie Canal trail from Buff to Alb and then down the Empire State trail (here's a route - Should be great. Cycle right down the west side all the way to Battery Park.

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