CAIC, SFU Avalanche Research Program and NCAR are running a user research panel on avalanche communications that may be of interest to folks here. The goal is to improve avalanche communication products and strategies through user-focused research. This is an ongoing panel. Participants can expect 6-8 emails a year with research findings and opportunities to provide feedback on products (surveys, experiments, user interviews). You don't need to be a frequent backcountry users or have training to participate -- perspectives from backcountry curious or folks who live/work/travel around avalanche terrain are equally valuable. The focus of this panel is on US users -- not just Colorado

Signup link is here:

More info here:

The Friends of CAIC is also sweetening the deal by giving away prizes for participants. Folks signed up by this Friday (12/22) will be entered in first drawing for a Osprey Transporter 65.