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    Login issues -- guys on a buffalo and other sordid tales -- Start here

    Try this first.

    If you're logged in, log out. Clear the cache. Then try logging in here:

    If that doesn't work, you can send one of the mods a PM (Mod Team or the list in the Roolz thread) or -- if you have an alias -- you can report a post (any post but hopefully a somewhat relevant one), describe the problem in that report, and all of the mods will get an email.
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    I'm able to login only on desktop. But then my private messages aren't sending. Help!

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    Not in the PRB
    Can you describe more about the PMs not sending? How do you know? Does it give an error message? What?

    I'd ask you to PM me with more details but...
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    here and there
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    I can log in on my laptop, but not my android phone. I have cleared cache and cookies.
    Still get invalid user/pass msg.
    Help please?

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    Login issues here too

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    My username is defaulting to my email and that's ridiculous. How can I get my email off of some of these posts. Tapatalk is a piece of crap.

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    I stay logged in on my laptop and always have on my android. Recently my phone logged itself out and as I didn't write it down I tried my usual passwords to no avail. When I tried to reset the password I got a message that my email wasn't valid. At some point my laptop will log me out so I thought I would say goodbye and thanks for the memories and friendships over the years.

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    It’s odd that an admin can’t change email addresses for an account. Or do a password reset.

    But. You may be the new Ötzi.
    How about VT-FixedHeel?

    PS. Mods or admins need to bring back the GuyOnABuffalo glitch. Good times.
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