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    Anywhere to get vert near Silver Star Resort (Vernon, BC)

    i have in-laws that live in the area and typically spend time around christmas there. would be great to be able to get out for an early morning vert sesh here or there.

    after looking at maps, doing the basic internet research, and my (little) experience in the area, nothing seems to have enough consistent snow cover within 30 min driving for skinning other than the resort area. i have asked silver star if they allow any uphilling prior to lift openings and was met with puzzled faces.

    anyone have info/experience in the area?

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    PM Swissific. Post in the interior BC thread maybe.
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    we went up the back of SS to the top, there are or were XC trackset trails going up there, we started at Sovereign lakes XC area, 2.5 hrs up and 30 min down !

    I would try phoning a local ski shop, there is an olympia cycle in Vernon that would be into that kind of thing they might be able to help
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