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    Why hype a storm that's not going to be good for skiing--at least not in the short run (and how long the season goes is up to the accountants, not the amount of snow on the ground.) What has been great about the last few weeks are the frequent small dumps. We could drive in it, lifts could run in it, we could ski in it. A huge dump would be good for the state though. I don't mind extra shoveling if we are smoke free this summer and fall.

    It does seem like each year the weather prose gets increasingly purple.

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    I think I read BA asserting it'd be the largest storm in 3 years.
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    if you have to resort to taking advice from the nitwits on this forum, then you're doomed.

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    i'm cautiously optimistic, but i got forecast PTSD this year. very difficult forecasting all season long with lots of duds.
    I feel like snow levels are at the perfect level for fun and challenging lines. i'll mourn the steeps and features we'll lose if it produces, but faceshots are always nice!

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    Not going to complain about a gigantic storm, but I'd still rather have five 1 footers than one 5 footer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweatypowderpig View Post
    i'm cautiously optimistic, but i got forecast PTSD this year. very difficult forecasting all season long with lots of duds.
    I think the forecasters are just adding on the amount of every missed forecast this season to the next one. 12' of snow with only an inch of rain in the valley? Feels unlikely.

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    Wait, how can we trust this guy^^^ He's clearly not DJSapp

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    Tahoe '23/'24 - Reserve Now For Best Pricing!!!

    Unfortunately that’s not the Tahoe way. Feast or famine baby; I’ll take feast, even if it means resort/road closures and lots of shoveling.

    Mostly glad that this storm, if it performs and the rest of the season isn’t a total shutout, puts the state’s snowpack in a decent position for the rest of spring/summer (although we’ve seen that this doesn’t necessarily mean no fire danger).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripvw View Post
    I'd still rather have five 1 footers than one 5 footer.

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    Is there are a hype train for the next 5 hours? I was hoping for 4-5 inches for tomorrow but looking more like 4-5 millimeters...if that.

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    Today’s storm is indeed looking like a bust, was hoping for a few inches and the wind for a reset.

    Hopefully the next one will firmly set up the lake level lines and get a pack on the sunny sides in place for spring, hopefully the Tahoe east side will go into play also.

    Been nice having amazing skiing day after day with out struggle of snow removal like last year but looking forward to a big one.

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    Name:  Deep Creek #2.jpg
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Size:  138.6 KBAs others have reported, skiing this past weekend was pleasant in steep north facing trees. Mid-cuff ski penetration on unconsolidated snow (a/k/a "near surface facets" per the SAC). Good enough to opt for additional runs even though it meant skiing out in the dark. Quite dark, skied past 4 different groups on snowshoes heading up the trail through the woods to catch the full moon. I only stopped to talk to one of the groups...they were wearing sunglasses and seemed stoned. I forgot to ask them for change for a nickel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emcee View Post
    lolol heckling miles, what a SICK edit
    Ha. Cracked me up. I graduated high school same class with Miles.

    I hope this storm produces, but I also want to ski.... Part of what made last year awesome was the daily 12-20" storms.

    Anyway.... Let's get it on!!!

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