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Thread: Ford fender

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    Ford fender

    I talked to a guy selling lures at the county fair the other day and he kept saying to hook one of his lures to a Ford Fender to troll my local reservoir for rainbows. I noticed several different Ford Fender branded attractors and several similar attractors at the BiMart. What are your thoughts TGR? Anyone have a favorite Lure Jensen attractor or another brand they love for trolling rainbows?

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    I am in no way a trolling expert, but did a bit of it as a kid and still do it a few times a year for lakers in Yellowstone. I always stick to the old adage “Silver sunny, gold gloomy” with the ford fenders.

    Another, simpler piece of hardware I like better for trout trolling is called the Lake Clear Wabbler. I find it easier to dial in the correct speed when not using electronics. If you go too slow, they don’t wobble (no action in rod tip). If you go too fast, they spin (short/fast action in rod tip). When you go the right speed, your rod tip bobs up and down in a long/slow action.

    Lots of colors and sizes to play with in that product line too. I like the 1/3 oz blue and silver for sunny and copper/gold for gloomy.

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