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    Search not responding - how do I add an image to a post ??

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    IMO the trg image attachment feature sucks and shouldn't be used. Host your image somewhere else (I use Google photos) then paste the address for the image between [img] ... [/Img] tags.

    This is the answer.

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    Using the TGR app, uploading images isn't bad. And from the website, then yeah, if an image is hosted elsewhere and you have a direct jpg link, then img tags works. Like this [img] [/img] (with the spaces removed)

    Or, when posting, you can hit the little picture icon on the tool bar, hit the "from URL" tab if it is from the web, and paste the link in. If it's a small enough file, you can leave the box checked to host locally, or uncheck it to leave the image hosted at the other site.

    So, either hosted elsewhere (which just does the work of adding img tags)

    or locally
    Click image for larger version. 

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    If that doesn't explain, maybe you can be more specific with your question?
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