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    Roxa RX Tour or Scout

    Anyone try these lower weight two buckle boots from Roxa? They look interesting for lighter weight skis and spring touring

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    I had the Hagan version for part of a season. Liked the simplicity of the design, 2 buckle, walk mode worked fine, good ROM and pretty light. In the end it was fit that sent me packing. Stock liner was poo at least on the Hagan version and the fit was to high volume. I initially thought they were the same width throughout the size range, but the 28 jumped to a 104mm from 102 at 27. They seemed pretty good for price to weight though if they fit you well.

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    Subscribed. Movement has boots that look to use the same mold as well

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    I've used the RX Tour, its a solid boot that is quite damp for its weight. They fit a bit on the shorter side for their size. I have since replaced them with a first gen skorpius which walks better, has a much taller cuff, and fits me better. The Roxa boots can often be found cheap which is a plus.

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    I have a pair of RX tour I bought on a whim because they were cheap and I kept them because they happened to fit my feet well without any effort. Its about what you would expect - not all that stiff or powerful of a boot, but it does perform pretty well on consistent snow. I agree with the dampness comment, the flex feel pretty nice for its weight. I personally didn't think the liner was that bad.
    On paper they only weigh a little less than my ZGTP, but if find I use grab them quite often because they have a nice ROM and walk mode.

    The ones I have the walk mode is a up/down slide that has Iced up several times and I haven't been able to get it into ski mode without a lot of fiddling. It looks like this has been fixed on the newer ones and they have reverted to a proper external link.

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