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    Crossbar flex with roof rack and upright bike racks

    Cross post from the ask an expert thread, where this got lost among the other stuff...

    Anyone here using an upright bike carrier with aero crossbars? Curious if you noticed a fair amount of flex in the crossbars, and whether you were comfortable with it.

    I already had several Thule Sidearm bike racks, so thought I'd mount up two on a Rhino Rack vortex bar rack that I installed over the truck bed on my Ridgeline. The leverage of the Thule rack with a mounted causes the crossbar to flex quite a bit. Not sure I trust it. FWIW they're longer crossbars, 65", which isn't helping any for the flex issue.

    I have a hitch rack too, but since I already had the Thule Sidearm racks, thought I'd go ahead and use them too. Having racks ready to go is convenient.

    Pic attached of my test fit today.
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