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    Sayulita/San Pancho/PV Fly Fishing

    Searched and found an old thread from 2010, but wondered if anyone had any updated info.
    Heading down in November 2023 for another mag's wedding party in San Pancho. Figured if I'm going to be there for 5-7 days, I'll bring the fly rod and fish as much as possible to fight the hangovers in the morning. My salt experience comes from beating around cape cod trying to act like a striper fisherman.

    thanks in advance.
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    LOL when I lived down there (Punta Mita) I would sit at the local beachfront bar, drink beer and watch the townies just stack up the fish while throwing a handline with a crocodile lure tied to the end.

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    Supposedly there's roosters down there but seems to be pretty inconsistent/fickle. I took my rod down there on a trip with the lady and fucked around off the beach a little but it was meh. Right around Mita you need a boat/panga to get to the reefs and more fishable water, so one day I hired one out of the harbor but it was also pretty meh - like 2-3 fish to the boat just casting into rock reefs and deep water boils, which wasn't that exciting. Not sure I'd do it again. But if you have a little more time/effort to move around and maybe get lucky with roosters inshore one day who knows

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