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    Need a video editor for some YouTube nonsense called Charles Skis America

    This is not a lucrative gig for an experienced editor. The current guy is bailing. Magic Mice Productions (located in NC) may find someone but I’m hoping it could be a skier who understands wtf unscripted Charles is talking about in his monotone. There will also be lots of 360° footage to work with that involves framing the spherical video into a flat rectangle (cropping, panning, tilting etc., essentially all the stuff that a camera operator usually does with a normal camera)

    They were supposed to be 5-6 minutes but most are very fat in a realm of short form.

    If I had more time, energy, gear and the requisite editing chops I would do it myself but I’m driving around the country like a fool and I have done little editing in the last third of a century. Most of my work has been with cameras, though that may not be apparent watching Charles Skis America.

    A sharp witted youth with a sense of humor might be a good fit

    It’s a weekly thing, not exactly sure why, but hey wtf do I know. I’m just the guy driving, talking, skiing, finding interesting people to ski with and figuring out which dammed camera to use when. Heading west again in about a week, there are a couple in the can but we’ll need to keep the ball rolling. Here’s an example. I never said it was great but thus far dozens of people have viewed this stuff

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    Good luck. I hope it continues. Im having a good laugh

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    Bumping because I'm stoked for a new editor. Past footage has had some gold but edited inappropriately for target audience. Enough golden footage for about 5 minute long episodesof hilarity and stoke. Unfortunately, recent vids included too much extra fluff teetering in boredom for us short attention span folks.

    Very stoked for this new development!

    Looking forward to skiing with you charlesj in the vicinity of Utah or the powder highway... wherever the storms may provide.

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