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    Nov 2020

    WTB: 4FRNT Raven | 184

    Alrighty, hahaha guess we'll try here. If anyone is holding/selling lmk! Cheers!

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    I have a pair I was going to post for sale. Excellent shape. Two mounts. First for mtns at I think 315 (not my mount) plus current mount for pivots at 305.

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    Feb 2019
    Yeah i have an OG pair from the salt lake factory.

    White and blue top sheet.

    2 mounts, one Dynafit radical for 310? Ill double check.

    Plus current mount for atk c raider at 297 (probably 300mm) at 85.35cm from tail (-0.65 from rec based on Hoji recommendations).

    Id sell $300 shipped flat.
    $125 more for skins (Pomoca free 2.0)
    $200 more for clamps (atk c raider 12)

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    Aug 2020
    Another option here:

    2019, 184 Ravens
    2 mounts, Attack demo and current for shifts 295 BSL
    425 with the shifts, have skins as well could sell
    Good condition, used for about 1.5 seasons only for touring so maybe 30 or so days on them??

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    Feb 2023
    I also have a pair of the OG Ravens (SLC made) with only one unknown mount (maybe a demo Tyrolia?). I'd let them go for $250, shipped anywhere in the lower 48.

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