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    It would be cool if Patagonia would revisit the Nano Air Light Pants and gear them towards skiing/riding. That full-zipper from the crotch to the coccyx and the fit/feel were super nice. I couldn't get them to work with a knee brace, so I returned them. For now, I reluctantly use a couple 3/4 options without pee holes, and they both piss me off but get the job done when it's cold enough to use them. Those Nanos would have been the ones with a little looser fit in the legs and hemmed to length.

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    Not exactly what OP is looking for, but i recently picked these up from icebreaker and they're nice under the shells. can't even tell they're there. my only gripe is no fly.

    On super cold resort days, i'll add a pair of Gamma Mx softshell shorts under the shells. freedom of movement, insulates againts the cold chair seat.

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    The stio fernos knickers are sweet. Too bad stio makes them. Other then that I like them. The thigh pocket is fucking stupid.

    Hey, wait a second here. Maybe Micol and WRG could help in solving this bullshit dilemma…. How about some Freeride Systems 3/4 bross knickers. I’d take 6 pairs.

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    northern BC

    if you are looking for down pants
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