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    Sounded like a good dude. Rip mister.

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    RIP JK. Was always good to see him at Xtal, even when he was delivering bad news on lift ops.
    "We don't beat the reaper by living longer, we beat the reaper by living well and living fully." - Randy Pausch

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    My 1st time in Big Sky was with a buddy from Cali who delivered 3 lbs of good green skunk to JK and his then wife Sarah. This was around 87. When I got to Big Sky in 91 I had heard a lot about JK and seen him ski in a Warren Miller segment. He was a couple of years younger than me and while he was the GM he didn't act like one. A few time he got together with the patrol and pulled out his pink card (Comp Card) and bought several rounds for the staff, it was a much smaller crew then.

    I also know of 3-4 old time Big Sky employees that on the spur of the moment when he was lit he wrote up deeds in napkins to property owned by Boyne. Boyne honored those deeds and they got the property.

    Running joke among the patrol was when he would sign a PO it was with his initials and what it really meant was Just Kidding. He really seemed to find himself when managing Crystal and was a lot happier there. RIP JK.
    I have been in this State for 30 years and I am willing to admit that I am part of the problem.

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    Sounds like a charmed life.

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